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About Us

"To create a society that cares". With a vision as simple as that, The Care and Culture Foundation was founded in the year 2014. Our three flagship programs focus on different aspects of bringing this vision to life. 

Swarnim: Making holistic education accessible to every child in India

Suramya: Promoting efficient and responsible waste management and water conservation in the cities and villages of India

Sukhamaya: Helping people find sustained happiness in life -  physical, spiritual and emotional well being through Yoga, Art, Music, Reading and more.

Created with a lot of heart, Care and Culture is run by driven individuals who resonate with the causes we work for.   


Our Mission

"Empowering people to care for others, care for themselves and care for the planet" 

Write to us

We would love to hear from you. Please send your feedback, suggestions, what you want to do or any new areas that you want us to work on


Phone: +917378899840/+918800441688

Preferred Call Timings - 7-8 PM

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Our Mission
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