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The Suramya Project

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

This program aims at promoting efficient and responsible waste management in the cities and villages of India

Arun, a 40 year old waste picker is forced to segregate dry and wet waste at the top of the garbage vehicle that collects household waste in Gurgaon, while the passersby cover their noses to conceal the foul smell. Abhijeet, another waste picker in the same area is unable to eat any meals during the day as his clothes are covered in garbage all day.

Yes, it's as terrible as it sounds. Especially since most of these issues would not exist if we adopted more responsible methods of disposing waste. These are the kind of problems we aim to tackle with the Suramya Program.

Join hands with us, to sensitize residents to the problems faced by waste pickers and work towards achieving better, more efficient and safe waste disposal methods.

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